Specializes in casting on stainless steel ball valve balls, Alson is one of the outstanding ball valve ball manufacturers in Taiwan, providing ball for valve OEM manufacturing services to the United States, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia for more than 25 years.

ball valve balls produced by ALSON
customed size ball for valve produced by ball valve ball manufacturers - ALSON
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About Alson

Since its establishment in 1994, Alson Co. Ltd. has upheld Honesty, Speed, Professionalism, and High Quality as its core business philosophy in focusing on the manufacture of quality stainless-steel valve ball and other related products.

Global stainless steel ball valve balls manufacturers

Alson's premium stainless-steel material ball for valve and various types of components are exported to Japan, United states, Europe, Russia and etc.; and are used by large valve suppliers in numerous industries, such as petroleum, chemistry, food and medical care, both at home and abroad. Thanks to the support of these large corporations, Alson receives recognition and trust from both domestic and foreign markets, and expects to become a leading indicator manufacturer all over the world.

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Alson's core values

Outstanding company of the stainless steel ball valve balls manufacturers in Taiwan


Without honesty, it is impossible to earn clients’ trust. This applies to all forms of cooperation. "Honesty comes first" has always been Alson’s core value. That's why Alson is your most trustworthy business partner. Over the past 25 years, we sticke to use the same serious manufacturing attitude to face each machining step of ball for valve and various types of ball valve components produced by Alson.

Low cost

By choosing Alson as your business partner, no excess costs are required as a you’ll be purchasing directly from the manufacturer without having to go through a middleman or other vendors. From Analyzing design, modeling, casting, processing, polishing, grinding, assembly to product shipping, Alson implements vertically integrated manufacturing processes to lower purchase costs for its clients.

High quality

All of Alson's manufacturing processes undergo digital and visual management to ensure strict quality control. Being able to offer high-quality products is another reason why Alson is trusted by its partners. No matter how big, small or material, any ball valve parts or ball valve component in the ball valve, we implement the quality management work with the same strict standards.

Quick delivery

Alson values production efficiency, which is why it adopts a two-shift production system. Its automatic molding line can achieve 36 pics/mold, 100 mold/hr production output. In addition, by implementing digital management of its production schedule, Alson provide clients with production status updates at any given time, making sure to stay there are no delays.

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Alson's products

Complete ball valve industry chain manufacturing capacity

Alson is capable of producing sizes (1/2 ” to 10” inner diameter size) .

Alson has more than 25 years of ss ball valve supply chain manufacturing experience, and has a wealth of execution cases sufficient to provide customized size ss ball for valve commissions from global consignors. Because we understand the key details of metal ball for valve in the manufacturing process, we can solve the problems that may occur in various application fields and become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of your long-term cooperation at the most reasonable price. Alson continues to strengthen our own digital equipment and precision technology casting, determined to have the ability to provide any kind of demensions for all industrial fields, and becoming one of the world class manufacturer over the world. We always use high quality carbon steel as raw materials and are capable of processing most types of stainless steel, and materials including SUS304, SUS316, SUS304L, SUS316L, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, SCS13A, SCS14, SCS14A, SCS16, SCS16A, 1.4404, 1.4401, 1.4408, 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4409, 1.4435, 1.4308, 1.4309, 1.4436, CA15, CN7M, etc.

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8 sizes of Common specifications spheres that can be quickly customized all size about balls_txt
all customed sizes of stainless steel ball valve balls made by alson
Customizable solutions: From a single component to customizable valves

We offer a wide range of products, from single valve balls, ss ball valves, to valve components, semi-finished products and whole sets of valves. We also provide customized solutions for specific needs or products that require high-tech production methods.

All clients have to do is provide us with design layouts or product dimensions. We then use 3D drawing and mold flow analysis software to design casting solutions that solve their problems, and check valves can operate smoothly with the ball.

common styles of industrial stainless steel spheres made by Alson
Alson is a manufacturer of customized hollow spheres for industrial stainless steel in Taiwan
Alson is one of the global stainless steel ball valve suppliers in Taiwan
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Why choose us

Digital technology casting process of Alson's ball valve balls manufacturing process

Clients can purchase ball for valve or ball valve parts component at a lower cost

The manufacturing processes of valve balls include molding, casting, processing, grinding, polishing, assembly, shipping and export. Today, most of the ss valve ball on the market are jointly manufactured by different companies. By implementing vertical integration of the supply chain, Alson handles all relevant business affairs, from sales orders to post-production delivery. No excess costs are required since clients will not have to go through a middleman or vendors. Clients can purchase at a lower cost.

Automatic molding line and centrifugal casting on ball for valve production

Automatic molding lines offer excellent product roundness, top quality, low defect rate and high output. Centrifugal casting can remove impurities and oxidation matter through centrifugal force, achieving rapid production of high-quality decive.

ball valve balls in high temperature smelting
High temperature liquid stainless steel in the process of making ball valves
Automatic sand control system

Digital management of sand properties is very challenging for the automatic production line. Alson introduced USA’s automatic sand control system, which automatically controls various properties and carries out digital management to ensure quality in the production.

Alson is a advamved ball valve ball manufacturers, using digital management device on ball valve parts and ball valve component manufacturing process.
Digital temperature control technology

In the casting process, temperature plays an important role. The reason being that the manufacturing process often exceeds 1600 °C. However, normal infrared thermometers or contact thermometers are incapable of accurately controlling temperature. Alson has adopted an exclusive temperature control system to overcome the inaccuracy issues and achieve digital management, effectively reducing defect rate and improving quality.

Alson has high-end stainless steel casting technology up to 1664.7 Celsius, and provides customized stainless steel ball casting services in India, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East at a reasonable price. As a global and professional ball valve manufacturers, Alson use spectroscope device to reach international standards on our every parts and components production.
Products are examined by spectroscopes to make sure international standards are met

During the manufacturing process, spectrometer analysis is carried out before and after using the oven to ensure that products meet international standards.

Alson uses spectroscopes instruments to measure stainless steel ball for valves and ball valve series parts with high accuracy, so that the specifications of Alson production can meet international standards.
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Our Services

Complete manufacturing technology of upstream and downstream

Alson has complete manufacturing technology for the upstream and downstream of stainless industrial chain, and can provide comprehensive after-sales service and customized manufacturing specification consultation to our clients. Based on more than 25 years of experience in stainless stell valve ball manufacturing, Alson has sufficient manufacturing capacity to undertake OEM manufacturing commission of stainless steel ball for valve and related parts, providing high-quality manufacturing service to the US, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, Europe and many other countries over the world. Alson is based on the advanced precision manufacturing experience and has the ability to produce customed device. We can provide Europe, America, Japan, Middle East and Africa and other countries in the petroleum, chemistry, food and medical at the most reasonable and affordable price. Alson Co. Ltd. offer a wide range of products. We also provide customized solutions for specific needs or products that require high-tech production methods.

small batch production trials
Small batch production trials

Alson offers small batch OEM and ODM production trials. As long as relevant product design layouts are provided, we can engage in a variety of small batch productions.

customized related parts and components

The valve-related products and finished valve products can be purchased together, fulfilling the varied needs of clients.

2000tons scale for petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries
2000 tons

Alson’s annual sales volume to major vendors in Europe, United States, and Japan is approx. 2000 tons.

using high quality stainless steel material
Stainless steel

Alson uses all kinds of stainless steels in its production. The materials comply with international standards, including USA’s ASTM, AISI, SAE and UNS, as well as EU's EN , PED and Japanese JIS standards.

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