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Founded in 1994, Alson is a global customized OEM ball valve ball manufacturers in Taiwan, providing advanved ball for valve to the United States, the Middle East, Russia, Japan and other countries at a reasonable price.

Becoming a leading indicator Customized ball valve ball manufacturers all over the world

Alson is a ball valve and industrial stainless steel ball manufacturers with more than 25 years of stainless steel metal casting experience in Taiwan. With many years of rich experience in customized casting, we have the ability to provide various types of customized stainless steel ball valve and ball valve balls manufacturing services for petrochemical, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, starting with the core ball for valve manufacturing technology and including series ball valve component, and all the way to the complete OEM manufacturing of the whole stainless steel ball valve, Alson is one of the industrial stainless steel ball manufacturing company in Taiwan can meet your various customized manufacturing OEM needs in the field of stainless steel ball valve.

Manufacturing capacity in various application, mainly supplying to India, the Middle East, Canada, USA

In the past 25 years, Alson has served all kinds of customers all over the world on various project. In Asia, we mainly supply to Japan, India, and China. In the Americas, we mainly supply to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In Europe we mainly supply to the UK, Germany and Romania. In other regions, we also supply Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, and Libya in the Middle East. In addition to meeting the ball for valve and stainless steel ball valve needs of the petrochemical industry for ball valve parts, we also develop professional ball valve balls and ball valve of different specifications and sizes for chemical, pharmaceutical, Food industry and other fields. In particular, we have a long-term cooperative relationship with Texas Petroleum and the petrochemical industry in the United States. We provide customized manufacturing services on ball valve series parts for the special specifications of the petrochemical industry.

Provide reasonable price among all industrial ball valve ball suppliers

As one of the professional ball valve ball suppliers in Taiwan, Alson can provide your original ball for valve manufacturer's customized manufacturing services at a more reasonable and affordable price. Excluding the gains of traders and middlemen, you can directly propose the requirements of various application fields such as customized specifications, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance. We can become your best choice among most of ball valve parts and ball valve ball suppliers, and supply you the most affordable solution in the stainless steel ball valve industry chain program.